Instrument Cases, Custom and Bespoke

Soft Cases and Hi-Visibility Bags
Howard Marketing can reproduce your existing bag or case product or help you to design a new product from scratch to work as an istrument case, or equipment pouch. Differing levels of protection can be given by using varying thickness and density's of foam, depending upon the requirements of the contents.

Large and Hi Visibility Bags

We can produce bags to your specification in High Visibility fabrics. These are often used for carrying PPE (personal protective equipment) or other types of Safety Equipment. Delivery and Courier bags can be made using 'HiVis' fabrics to give the user added levels of protection.

Large bags - We can produce bags up to 6 meters in length and can offer a range of fabrics suitable for this type of product.

Large and High Visibility Bag


Custom Light Green Sports Bag

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